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參加者除了需要加入Strava 社團,還要經電郵提交活動記錄,辦法很簡單,就是利用 Strava 活動內的分享功能,把活動傳至我們的電郵,另外請確認用上報名時同一個電郵地址發出電郵。我們收到電郵後,將會透過內裡的連結核對活動資料。完成時間以 Strava 內顯示的經過時間計算。

Participants are required to join the Strava Group of Tsing Kung Run. Moreover, they are required to share the Strava activity link(s) to us via email ( ).Participants should use the same email address in the registration. Finishing time will be based on the Elapsed Time shown in Strava activities.

以下是如何向賽會以電郵分享 Strava 活動:

*分享前請先把打卡自拍照加進該 Strava 活動

The following steps show how to share Strava activities:

*Please ensure the selfie photos have been uploaded to the related Strava activities


Step 1 


Selected the related Strava activity, Click the share button

第二步 Step 2 

在眾多應用程式的按鍵中,找電郵的按鍵,如沒有可以按<更多>或者 < more > 

Search the email button. It may be hidden in <more>

第三步 Step 3

按下<電子郵件>或者 < mail > 

Press the email button

第四步 Step 4

1. 請用上報名時同一個電郵地址發出電郵.
2. 收件人中輸入


1. In the sender , input the email address used in the registration

2. In the recipient, input

Press to send

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