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about Tsing Kung Run


青山公路的長度約 53 公里 ( 32 英里 ) ,的確有點長,但是當大家決心拋開時間的羈絆,隨著心情一時慢跑又一時停下來欣賞風景,相信也可以輕鬆完成,其實懂得享受這種輕鬆也算是擁有自由。



活動不設時限,你可以於活動期間 1 次過完成指定路線,又可以最多分開 6 次去完成。想點玩由你決定。另外,海外的跑手也可參加這次活動。


Please forget the target time in this journey of 32 miles. Instead, you should find a way to enjoy the sceneries along Castle Peak Road. You may jog slowly, or stop wherever you like. 


When you travel from the city to the border along the longest road of Hong Kong, you may discover the stories about the past and present of Hong Kong.


What you need to do is to take “selfie” photos with the selected landmarks.

There is no time limit for finishing Castle Peak Road. You may finish in 1 go or 6 goes within the event period. It’s all up to you. Overseas runners are also welcome. 

Once you upload your activities to Strava, you are entitled to the special finisher’s gifts in Hong Kong Style.

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