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Overseas Runners


Overseas runners are welcome to this event. They can run in their own countries. The postal fee of finisher's gifts is included in the registration fee.  Participants are required to provide a valid postal address. The organizer is not responsible for any loss.

​Event Period

2021-02-12 to 2021-05-31 (Hong Kong Time)

Registration Fee

HK$ 250


Finisher's Gifts


Minibus Sign Keychain in Chinese calligraphy with customized finishing time.


Souvenir Towel in Hong Kong Style with the pattern of Suzhou Numerals (花碼)


1)  400ml Soft Flask with Tsing Kung Run logo 
2)  The first 300 registrants can get a pair of New Balance Performance Socks


How to play


Overseas Runners

於活動期間,在身處的國家及地區,可以最少 1 次或最多分開 6 次來完成 53 公里 ( 約 32 英里 ) 的距離,每次只要在起點、終點以及在中途任何位置,出示號碼布並拍攝自拍照,便代表完成活動。請把自拍照上載至 Strava 活動內,並於香港時間 2021年 6月 5日晚上 11時 59分前利用 Strava 活動內的分享功能把成績電郵至

Participants are required to complete a distance of 32 miles ( about 53km ) not more than 6 goes in their own countries. Participants are also required to take selfie photos with the BIB in the start, finish and one place during the run. Please upload the selfie photos to the related Strava activity and share the  hyperlink(s) to us via email ( ) before 11:59pm 5th Jun, 2021. 

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